The photograph above shows Scott & Brown's builders constructing the Craigmillar Hostels in the Newington area of Edinburgh in 1928. Fortunately Health & Safety has moved on a lot since those days and you won't find today's employees in such precarious positions! We comply with the CDM ( Construction, Design & Management ) Regulations 2015  to ensure our employees' safety whilst at work.

Historically, stonemasonry was a very unhealthy industry with tradesmen often developing lung disease due to dust exposure. We take this hazard very seriously and all our staff are tested for HAVS, lung function, audiometry and have chest X-rays taken. We also recently developed and commissioned the installation of a dust extraction booth for use during stone dressing. The success of this has been such that the Health & Safety Executive have filmed the booth for use in their roadshows and are using it as a benchmark that others in the industry should try to achieve.

Manclark Safety Management LLP in Edinburgh act as our independent safety auditors and consultants.